Get Preciate

Preciate is the mobile app that empowers you to strengthen your team and build your relationships by giving and receiving in-the-moment recognition. Preciate compiles the real-time career story of your most valuable accomplishments as told by others. Your career story on Preciate is owned by you and follows you as your career progresses.


How to use Preciate

Why use Preciate?


Team Leader

Recognize your team to create a positive and collaborative team culture.

Keep a pulse on all the great things your team is doing by reviewing your feed.

View a person’s public career story to understand how he or she will contribute to your team culture when hiring for a position, building a team, or staffing a new project.


Team Member

Recognize your peers and even managers with fun badges like “Got My Back” and “Guiding the Way”.

Strengthen your bond with your team.

Keep your recognition from project to project, team to team, or even company to company. It’s your career story, and it should belong to you.

Build your career story and let Preciate show your network what kind of value you bring to a team.