“It’s been said that people don’t leave companies, they leave managers. I agree 100%.

So what is it then that makes a great person stay? The depth and strength of the relationships they have with their team, including their manager.”

— Ed Stevens, Founder and CEO, Preciate

Preciate for Teams

Preciate, used by teams in more than 320 companies across the country, is the fast-growing app that strengthens team culture and helps attract and keep great talent.

How? By delivering what today’s best people genuinely want: to be happy at work. True and meaningful happiness, according to the world’s longest-running study on human happiness, is cultivated only when we build deeper and stronger relationships.

That is precisely what Preciate is designed to do.

Strengthen Team Culture

Giving and receiving recognition is the core Preciate experience. Relationships and team culture grow stronger through the “give-get-grow” cycle. As people give recognition, so they elevate their teams and inspire others to give as well. Together, everyone grows. With Preciate there are no complicated micro bonuses that are a headache to administer; just what people genuinely want, need and deserve, simple, effective, recognition. Preciate is not constrained by the employee roster or office but open to the full community that every organization lives in - one that includes contractors, remote workers, vendors, business partners, customers and clients.

Attract the Best Talent

Every recognition received on Preciate becomes part of a story that can be shared forever. For companies, all recognitions are assembled into a company profile page that can be linked from a careers page, job descriptions, marketing and public relations initiatives. For the individual, a profile page full of achievements can be linked from professional profiles, emails and resumes.

A portable record of achievements, both for companies and for individuals, it’s revolutionary and patent-pending, only available on Preciate.

Get Started Today

Whether it’s Forever Free, Gold, or Enterprise, Preciate has a plan to get you started immediately. Promote a culture of giving recognition and watch relationships grow. Your team, including you, will all be happier.

Going the Distance.png

Forever Free

  • App (iOS & Android) - Give and receive recognition Personalized with text, picture and/or signature, Include validators to add weight and depth to the sentiment, Fun badges and electronic stickers elevate the joy of giving

  • Good Credits - Earn rewards for giving, additional credits for Personalizing the message, Including the team as validators and Validating others’ contributions

  • Collaboration Apps - Slack, Microsoft Teams and Hangouts (available soon)

  • Individual Profile - Web and app, build a portable record of achievements, share via any medium

  • Company Profile - Web-based and shareable, Display all recognitions and achievements, Portray your strong culture to applicants, partners, and prospects, Attractive, templated design

  • Reminders - Customize your reminders to keep giving and relationship-building top of mind

  • Cost - None, Nada, Zip, Zilch, Zero

Leadeing the charge.png

Preciate Gold

All the Forever Free benefits plus:

  • Company Profile - Branded design and logo, Job listings links

  • Launch Program - One recorded training session, Weekly team emails, Monthly summaries

  • Admin - Web admin tools for managing teams, permissions, and content

  • Reports - Monthly activity, Relational wealth growth and team trends

  • Shared Customer Support - U.S. based, responsive help when you need it

  • Cost - One time $5/employee (min $500). No recurring costs


Preciate Enterprise

All the Preciate Gold benefits plus:

  • Company Profile - Branded design and logo, Job listing integration, and SEO program

  • Launch Campaign - Customized training program, Weekly team emails, Monthly summaries

  • Reports - Monthly activity, Relational wealth growth and team trends. Customized reports available

  • Personalization - Customized stickers with your logo or artwork to make the experience unique to your organization

  • Integration with HRIS

  • Single sign-on for Admins

  • API Access - Recognitions, validations, and relationship trends

  • GC Protocol - Node host permission, Design contributor access, Developer access

  • Dedicated Customer Support - The support solution you need, customized for you

  • International Support

  • Cost - Varies