Your Relational Wealth


Relational Wealth represents the total value of our relationships and is an indicator of personal fulfillment as well as professional performance. 

Through daily acts of recognition and appreciation, our members grow deeper, more powerful relationships. By recording these actions, we assemble a portable, verified record of individual achievements, as told by others.


Reality. Not a resume.

The truest story of you, forever yours to showcase. Big or small, earn credit for all the good you do.

Give and Get. And Grow! 

Grow deeper relationships by giving and receiving in-the-moment recognition and contextual feedback.

Elevate the true value of your network.

Future success is built on the strength of current relationships. We'll help you build the strongest ones on earth. 

Stop guessing. Start vetting. 

Why speculate when you can see an individual’s real-time record of validated accomplishments? Gain new character insights that improve the way you work with others.

Raising the bar - together.

Across the world, our members are building the future you deserve: A safe, trustworthy, and transparent one by design.